Realize the value of your property with the right assistance.

I can help you resolve real estate disputes involving the following: 

Condemnation - Eminent Domain

Total Taking                                        Inverse Condemnation
Partial Taking                                            Regulatory Taking
Utility Easement Taking                      Proposition 207 Losses

Land Use & Planning

Development Permits
Development Agreements
Comprehensive/General Plan Amendments

Impact Fee Agreements
Easements, Dedications, Abandonments, Right-of-Way           Negotiations




Rezoning                                Zoning Code Violation Defense
Zoning Permits                            Planned Area Development
Zoning Appeals                     Board of Adjustment Advocacy
Zoning Exactions                             Conditional Use Permits

Real Property Tax Appeals

Valuation Appeals
Improper or Illegal Assessment




Carl Sammartino

I am a State Bar of Arizona-certified real estate specialist attorney who has spent his entire legal career focusing on defending the private property rights of southern Arizona landowners. I do this work because it interests me; my work gives me great joy and satisfaction beyond making a living.  

What sets me apart from other Tucson lawyers you can hire is I always believe in my clients and want to succeed for them alone. I understand the high stakes and dread court cases involve, and I plan meticulously to ensure not only the best possible outcome but also your comfort throughout the litigation.