December 2013 Updates

The stories reported in Southern Arizona Public Works are not static, so updates will be posted monthly to make sure you will find the most accurate and recently available land use, zoning, and planning information for Tucson and southern Arizona.

  • First, this website now contains updated and enhanced practice area explanations and illustrations. Check it out here
  • This post reported that California landowners received compensation because the Border Patrol placed underground sensors to monitor border traffic on the landowners' property. A fellow attorney (in the employ of the federal government) correctly observed that the decision to which the blog post linked did not accurately report the final compensation awarded. The landowners ended up receiving damages of $455,520, plus interest, instead of the greater sum of $3,043,051, plus interest.
  • This post accurately stated that the City of Tucson omitted key information in public documents about a real estate transaction for the Broadway Boulevard widening project. While this remains true, the people of the City of Tucson Real Estate Program should be commended for immediately providing the missing information after a public-records request.